Golden Specialty Foods takes food safety and security seriously. Our commitment to our customers and their consumers is to provide a wholesome, delicious and safe product for them to consume. To uphold that commitment, we have acquired a superb quality assurance team to help us maintain food quality, safety and security throughout the process.

The Quality Assurance Team also seeks the advice of contracted consultants to provide verification of standards and procedures. These consultants have years of experience in the food industry. Their guidance assures the processes and procedures used at Golden Specialty Food remain in compliance and relative to our customers needs and the international standards we abide by.

Quality Assurance Team performs many tasks to assure your product is being made in a wholesome, sanitary and well maintained environment to produce a premium product.

Quality AssuranceĀ Tasks include but are not limited to:

Internal Auditing of HACCP system

Weight Verifications

Sensory Evaluation of Finished Product and Raw Ingredients

Direct Observations throughout the production process

Internal Processing Audits

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